Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited


  • The latest addition to the e-services offered by the CDS, the CDS eConnect facility will enable the CDS to accomplish the novel task of providing the CDS account holders with near real time updates related to their CDS accounts.
  • The CDS e-Connect will act as the basic infrastructure in facilitating, to the CDS account holders, services such as; providing transactions details in near real-time, providing view of their CDS account master record details, viewing monthly reports and ability to request additional monthly statements for prior months.
  • As such, this initiative will bring the accessing of CDS account transaction details to a new level with the enhanced accessibility of the e-Connect facility through personal computers, Tablet PCs or Mobile devices. The CDS expects to enhance client security, convenience and immediate awareness on changes to the CDS account details through this service.
  • This value added service will be available for individual account holders, Institutional account holders as well as the margin providers.
  • In order to register for the eConnect facility please submit the duly completed CDS Forms to the CDS directly or through a registered stockbroker subsequent to the relevant payment.

Click Here to log into www.cdseconnect.lk