Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

CDS Circulars

CIRCULAR NO: 03-04-2024 Acceptance of CDS Documents on 10th April 2024 Download
CIRCULAR NO : 02-09-2023 Registration of Nominations Relating to CDS Account Holders Download
CIRCULAR NO: 02-04-2023: CDS Circular enclosing Dispute Resolution Rules Download
CIRCULAR NO: 01-04-2023: CDS Circular enclosing CDS- Central Depository Rules and CDS- Clearing House Rules Download
CIRCULAR NO : 01-02-2023: Revision of Participatory Fees ( Monthly) Payable by Custodian Banks Download
CIRCULAR NO: 02-03-2022: Mandatory update of mobile numbers, e-mail addresses and bank account details of the Account Holders of the Central Depository Systems (Pvt.) Limited (CDS) SEC Directive dated 15th February 2022 (Ref: SEC/DG/2022/02/351) Download
CIRCULAR NO 03-02-2022: Discontinuation of Hard Copies for CDS Functions Download
CIRCULAR NO 06-07-2021: Digital Onboarding Of Local Companies To Open CDS Accounts Download
CIRCULAR NO 04/10/2020: Appointment of a New Settlement Bank for the Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited (CDS) Download
CIRCULAR NO 11/2020: Nomination & Transmission of shares of Listed Companies Download
CIRCULAR NO 08/2020: Changes made to the existing securities depositing process-Prior verification of the title of the share certificate holder before crediting shares Download
CIRCULAR NO: 04.06.2020 Amendments to the CDS Rules to facilitate sending of periodic e-statements to CDS account holders Download
18 May 2020 Notification on Voluntary Inactivation of Business Operations & Procedure for Portfolio Transfers – Assetline Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. Download
CIRCULAR NO: 07-04-2020 CDS statements as at 31st March 2020 Download
CIRCULAR NO: 03-01-2020 Empowering CDS Participants – Implementation of Decentralization Download
CIRCULAR NO 11-01-2020 Revised CDS Intra Account Transfer form – CDS 6B Download
CIRCULAR NO 13-01-2020 Alteration of details in all documentation submitted to the CDS pertinent to CDS functions Download
CIRDULAR NO 04-02-2020 Revision of CDS Forms Download
CIRCULAR NO: 02-11-2019 Alteration of Details in Application for Opening of Securities Account Download
CIRCULAR NO: 08-03-2019 Revision of CDS Forms with effect from 3rd June 2019 Download
Circular no 04.02.2019 Intorduction of system generated li numbers as the cds account number for the local individuals. Download
Circular no 04.02.2019 Go live dare of the intorduction of the system generated li numbers as the cds account number for the local individuals. Download
CIRCULAR NO 02.01.2019 Introduction of system generated LI number as the CDS account number for Local Individuals. Download
CIRCULAR NO 09-04-2018 Acceptance of CDS Documents on 20th April 2018 (Friday) Download
CIRCULAR NO 09-01-2018 (CSE) Rules on All or None (AON) Blocks Download
CIRCULAR NO.06-12-2017 Submission of mandatorily required information by investors at the time of opening of the CDS account Download
CIRCULAR NO.05-12-2017 Trading of Basel III Compliant debt securities by qualified investors as recommended by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka Download
CIRCULAR NO 03-08-2017 Shifting of CDS Office to a New Location Download
CIRCULAR NO. 09-02-2017 Acceptance of CDS Documents on 17th February 2017 Download
CIRCULAR NO. 04-02-2017 Introduction of Common Account Opening Forms to Open Securities Accounts based on the requests made by stockbroker firms and Mandatory Submission of Bank Details Download
CIRCULAR NO. 10-6-2016 Re-introduction of Transaction Fees to Custodian Banks Download
CIRCULAR NO. 03-05-2016 Re-introduction of Transaction Fees to Custodian Bank Trades Download
CSE Circular No. 10-12-2015 Removal of Share Transaction Levy Download
CIRCULAR NO.13-01-2015 Postponement of fund settlement due for settlement on 14th January 2015 Download
CIRCULAR NO.07-01-2015 Acceptance of CDS documents on 8th January 2015 Download