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The service is for whom?

If you are an institution incorporated in Sri Lanka & falling under one of the following categories, you can initiate the CDS account opening process online through our digital onboarding platform.

  • Private limited liability company
  • Public limited liability company
  • Statutory board
  • A body established under an act of parliament

If you have any doubts about the eligibility, you may contact us for clarifications.

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How does the account opening initiation process work?

An authorized person from your institution can initiate the process online (Initiator). The initiator first has to self-register and obtain access to the digital platform. Click here for the self-registration guide.

The initiator has to complete the online form by filling in required information. You can read this document to view the required information.

Once all the information is duly filled and all documentary proof attached, the Initiator can submit the application online. If it is successfully submitted a PDF document with all information will available for you to download.

The Initiator has to make sure the duly signed hard copy of the PDF is delivered to the selected stockbroker to finalize the process.

You can watch this video guide to obtain an idea about the online form filling.

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