Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

Re-materialization of securities certificate

An account holder of the CDS can reconvert the shares held in electronic form back to script (paper) form by withdrawing (called re-materialization) shares from the CDS.

The client shall submit duly completed and signed CDS Form 7 (National) or CDS Form 8 (Non National) with CDS Form 9 to his Participant.

In the event of Withdrawal of Beneficial Interest of Government Securities CDS form 9(A) should be submitted instead CDS form 9.

The CDS shall check for completeness of the form and proceed with the withdrawal of securities.

The CDS shall reject incomplete withdrawal forms giving reasons for rejection by using CDS Form 14 C and hand over same to the Participant.

The CDS shall withdraw the stated quantity of shares from the relevant securities account of the account holder and forward CDS Form 7/8 to the relevant Company Secretary

The Company Secretary shall transfer the Securities from the CDS ledger to the Share ledger of the company and issue a Share Certificate in the name of the shareholder. The share certificate shall be sent to the CDS within 7 market days from receipt of the withdrawal form from the CDS

The CDS shall make available the Share Certificate to the relevant Participant. At the time of collecting the certificate, relevant payments should be made to the CDS counter.

Documents Required:

  • CDS Form 9 duly completed by the Participant and the account holder.
  • CDS Form 7 (National) or CDS Form 8 (Non-national) duly completed by the Participant and the account holder.

Note: If the withdrawal is to be made by a person acting under a Power of Attorney, a copy of the Power of Attorney which is registered with the respective Company Secretary/Registrar should be attached with the above documents.