Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

Transfer of Shares

Share transfers may arise as a result of gift transfers, transmission of shares or special situations such as corporate actions.

You may refer transmission of shares section to obtain information on how to transfer shares subsequent to demise of a shareholder.

Gift Transfer

In the event of a gift transfer, approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) should be obtained.

Following documents need to be submitted to the Registrar Unit of the CDS for a Gift Transfer.

Before proceeding to arrange the document please contact us for more information.

  • Duly completed transfer of Shares by way of Gift form
  • Certified copy of Transferor’s NIC
  • Certified copies of Transferee(s)’ NIC(s)
  • Certified copies of witnesses’ NICs
  • Certified copies of supporting documents to prove relationship between the Transferor and Transferee
  • Original share certificate to be gifted
  • Duly completed CDS 3 form from the transferee
  • Duly completed SEC Application Form for the transfer of securities of a public company listed with the CSE outside the trading system, in duplicate