Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

Opening of Client Accounts – Non-Resident Collective Investment Schemes

  • Copy of the document relating to the name of the fund, place and date of establishment of the Fund (Prospectus, Trust Deed or other legal document)
  • Copy of the document relating to appointment of the Manager of the Fund or Trustees
  • If the Fund Manager/Trustee is a company,
    • Name of the Fund Manager.
    • Date of Incorporation.
    • Place of Incorporation.
    • Registered Address
  • Sufficient proof that the Fund Manager/Trustee is incorporated – proof being certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies or the relevant authority in its country of origin.
  • If the Fund Manager/Trustee(s) is not an incorporated entity, individual names and addresses of the persons who are responsible for the management of the fund should be given
  • Source of the applicant fund where available
  • Purpose/objective of the fund
  • A copy of the letter issued by the supervisory authority of the relevant country (within a period of one year). However, where the applicant fund is exempted from regulation, a confirmation must be provided of the Law under which the fund is exempted and other relevant proof.
  • Where the application is titled in the names of the ‘Registered Holder/Global Custodian/Beneficiary’ and forwarded through a Custodian Bank, a copy of the SWIFT message or similar document issued by the Global Custodian instructing the local Custodian Bank to open the account on behalf of the beneficiary Company should be submitted together with a declaration from the Global Custodian that a Custody arrangement or agreement exists between the Global Custodian and the beneficiary.
  • Copy/copies of the Custody Agreement/s.
  • Details of beneficiaries/unit holders of the Fund
  • Sufficient proof that the applicant fund is legally permitted to invest in securities outside the country of its incorporation or establishment – proof being, for example – in the form of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Prospectus or other relevant documents.
  • CDS Form 2 – Download
  • CDS Form 2 (A) – Download
  • CDS Form 2 (B) – Download

Note: The person signing the documents on behalf of the applicant should be identified as follows,

  • A certified copy of the Board Resolution /Power of Attorney authorizing such person to sign on behalf of the Fund
  • A copy of Passport of such person/s
  • A letter from the Participant confirming the name of the applicant, registered address of the applicant, name of the Fund Manager, registered address of the Fund Manager, and The place and date of incorporation of the Fund Manager (where applicable)

Certification of non-resident applicants as per the FIU Guidelines

  • By the Company Registry or similar authority, where the documents were originally issued (applicable for Corporate Bodies), or
  • By a Sri Lankan diplomatic officer or Sri Lankan consular officer in the country where the documents were originally issued, or
  • By a Solicitor, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, practicing in the country where the applicant resides, or
  • Custodian Bank, or
  • Global Custodian – The Custodian Bank should certify the authenticity of the signature of the Global Custodian or,