Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited


How do I obtain the Facility?

  • The CDS account holders who wish to subscribe to this facility can fill the CDS 28A Form or CDS 28B form. (Section 01)
  • The CDS 28B form can be downloaded through the link given above or this can be obtained from the stock broker.
  • A hard copy of the duly completed form have to be submitted to the CDS through the stock broker.

The information I’m entitled to.

  • Once an account holder has subscribed for this facility, he/she will receive monthly statements every month (whether a transaction takes place or not) if there is a balance in the account.
  • A single statement will be sent including both the debenture & equity balances.
  • The statements will be sent broker/participant wise for the security purposes and for the convenience of the account holders when it comes to record keeping.

Terms & Conditions

  • Corporate Bodies and Collective Investment Schemes has to provide their Official Corporate e-mail address.
  • The CDS account statements pertaining to a particular client account(s) will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the CDS 28 form/or the account opening form.
  • The account holders must promptly access/review the e-statement and any accompanying items.
  • Anyone else other than the account holder should not be allowed to access the e-statement. However, the account holder should undertake to remain fully responsible to review the e-statement(s) for errors or any other irregularities.
  • If any unauthorized purchases/sales have been made in the CDS accounts, the clients should immediately complain to the CEO/Compliance Officer of the respective brokering firm in writing. If the firm fails to respond to the complaint within 7 days, the CSE should be informed immediately.
  • The account holders will be solely responsible to keep the secrecy of the information contained in the e-statement forwarded by the CDS which is accessible or which can be copied or stored from any other computer.
  • The latest e-mail address notified to the CDS will replace any previously given e-mail addresses.
  • The clients should expressly waive the legal rights, past or future, against the CDS for providing the e-statement service and fully accept the risks and responsibilities of the e-statement transmitted by the CDS.
  • The CDS can utilize the e-mail addresses given to communicate service related information or any other notices/information that the CDS may wish to communicate periodically.
  • The client should immediately communicate in writing to the CDS through the participant of any change to the provided e-mail address or any request for discontinuation of the service.
  • The CDS may contact the account holders subscribed to the e-statement facility to receive instructions over the telephone on matters relating to the e-statement service including change of e-mail address. The client should keep the CDS indemnified against any losses arising out of acting on such instructions given over the telephone.
  • Account holders should acknowledge that failure to receive any service due to change of e-mailaddress not communicated to the CDS will not give them any right to claim non-receipt of e- statement.
  • The CDS will sent e-statements based on the above mentioned terms and conditions. If the account holders are in disagreement over the terms & conditions the CDS should be immediately informed in writing through the participant.
  • The CDS may add to, discontinue or vary the service from time to time or as necessary, change the terms and conditions or CDS Rules without assigning any reasons therefore. In the event such a change is necessary, the same shall be carried out by displaying a message via e-mail notification by the CDS or any other means as determined by the CDS.