Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

CDS statement

The CDS shall forward to the account holder a monthly statement if such account was active during a particular month (monthly statement).

Note: An Active account shall be an account with at least one transaction during the period/s referred to above. Transaction would mean a purchase/sale/deposit/withdrawal/transfer.

CDS shall forward a statement annually as at 31st March to inactive account holders (accounts with no transactions for a period of 12 months) having credit balances.

The monthly/annual statements shall be forwarded to the account holder directly by the CDS. However CDS reserves the right to require the participant through whom the securities account is registered to forward the above statements to the account holder.

Monthly Statement Returns

In the event a statement is forwarded as aforesaid to the address registered with the CDS is returned to the CDS, the CDS shall require the relevant Participant to obtain in writing an alternate address from the account holder to which the statement should be forwarded. In the event that the Participant does not furnish an alternate address to the CDS as set out herein within two weeks of such request, the CDS shall suspend dealings of the relevant CDS account.

The CDS shall not thereafter forward the statements of account to the registered address of the account holder, until such time the account holder informs the CDS of an alternate address in writing which address shall be considered thereafter as the registered address of the account holder. Upon the account holder informing an address where the statements can be forwarded, the CDS shall remove the suspension on dealing of the relevant CDS account.

Requesting Duplicate Copy of CDS Statement

If an account holder wishes at any time to obtain a duplicate statement of his account from the CDS account holder may

  • Call over personally at the office of the CDS and obtain a copy of statement by producing his National Identity Card (NIC) or
  • Request from the CDS for such statement through E mail cdsreq@cse.lk
  • A letter of request to the CDS by fax (2440396) or post

Depending on the request type the CDS may have to take more than one market day to provide such duplicate statements.
The CDS will send such statement only to the address registered in the system through registered post.

Also the statements can be released to the account holder/a person specifically authorized by the account holder to collect it from the CDS counter.

Note: The duplicate systements will be released only after the varification of the applicable payment.

Any client who wishes to subscribe for the CDS e-statement facility may do so by completing the necessary documents and submitting them through their registered stock broker.