Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Limited

General Information

Settlement Bank Details

The Participant has to open a settlement bank account for the trade settlements with one of the CDS settlement banks (as indicated below).

Settlement BankCodePhone NumberFAXContact PersonE-Mail
BANK OF CEYLON (Corporate Branch)BOC220310123454282399561/ 2Mrs. Kalyani Vithanage (Senior Manager)boc660@boc.lk
COMMERCIAL BANK (Foreign Branch)CMB2486021/24860272336706/2445943Mr.Anura Wickramarachchi(Senior Manager -Foreign Branch) Mr.SenakaWithanaanura_wickramarachchi@combank.net / senaka_withana@combank.net
SAMPATH BANK (Corporate Credit)SBL4730122/47301124712017/5331484Mrs.AyodyaIddewela – Chief Manager Ms.ManojiJayakodyayodya_iddawela@sampath.lk / manojijayakody@sampath.lk

Further, the participant shall get a confirmation letter from the settlement bank that a bank account has been opened for the CDS settlement. This shall be sent along with a letter from the participant
mentioning the Trade commencement date.

An authorized signatories list is required giving the specimen signatures and the authorization levels of each signatory as follows.

Account opening documents

  • If Dealer licenses are available, a Dealer account can be opened by the prospective participant. However, prior to this, all existing CDS accounts with other participants in the name of the participant has to be suspended.
  • For the Dealer account, CDS2 and 2A, Copy of the Dealer license, a Board resolution to open the CDS account certified by the Company Secretary are required.
  • All documents should be certified by the participant.
  • Please refer the CDS guideline & Rules for further clarifications.

All documents sent to CDS shall be sent along with the CDS 25 (Daily documents received/ Returned by CDS). A copy of the CDS 25 is also required. The original of the CDS 25 will be accepted by the CDS and the copy will be date stamped and returned to the messenger.